DKBinnovative Announces Partnership with US ENT Partners


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DKBinnovative managed IT and security services partners with US ENT partners to help protect medical practices

FRISCO, Texas, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DKBinnovative, an experienced IT service provider for healthcare organizations, announces a strategic alliance with US ENT Partners. DKB will be offering managed IT services and managed security services packages designed for US ENT Partners.

With electronic health records, telemedicine, and billing, healthcare relies more on IT than ever before. Practice productivity and efficiency are now directly tied to practice computer systems and workflow.

"Practices that work with us want to focus on elevating patient care, and US ENT helps them do that by predicting trends in the market and creating solutions. Partnering with DKB gives practices a solution to IT management and cybersecurity concerns," says US ENT founder, chairman, and CEO, Dr. Keith Matheny.

Personal health information is a high-value item on the dark web and practices of all sizes must adhere to compliance standards that can often exceed the capacity of the administrative staff. An IT partner with experience in protecting practice data can be the extra layer of protection that practices need. Large hospitals have layers of expensive security that are inaccessible to small and midsized businesses. DKBinnovative worked with US ENT Partners to develop a plan for practices that offer strategic services and cybersecurity that scales with the practice size.

DKBinnovative CEO and founder Keith Barthold says, "Healthcare practices have been a target for cyber attacks for the last ten years. The healthcare industry experiences twice the amount of cyberattacks as other industries."

Chaos and hidden risk — particularly today's cybersecurity threats — keep many companies perilously on the edge of failure. DKB's world-class framework puts business leaders back in command with a new level of transparency, superior guidance, and radically different control over technology.


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