DKBinnovative and the FBI Discuss Cybersecurity at Summit Re:Engage

Keith Barthold, CEO

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DKBinnovative managed IT and security services partners with the FBI to educate business owners on the current cybersecurity risks.

FRISCO, Texas, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DKBinnovative, a nationally recognized managed service provider and managed security services provider, was invited to headline this year's Summit Re:Engage hosted by Dallas-based accounting firm Lane Gorman Trubitt, LLC.

DKBinnovative co-presented with FBI Special Agent David Miller to highlight current cybersecurity risks and how to protect your company against them. Agent Miller spoke extensively on business email compromise (BEC) scams and how it impacts companies and consumers. These sophisticated scams target businesses working with foreign suppliers and companies.

Agent Miller warns, "Once a threat actor gains access to your business email, they set up 'rules' that will redirect emails with keywords having to do with payment to an inbox controlled by the threat actor." The email user may never know that their payment has been hijacked and redirected to another account.

DKBinnovative CEO Keith Barthold and cybersecurity specialist Calvin Fuller gave a hacking demo on how an attacker can use job postings to compromise an HR manager's account and install ransomware on their computer or gain access to the company's network.

"With another successful Summit in the books, I know that it would not have been as impactful if we hadn't had the expertise from Keith Barthold and his team at DKBinnovative. Protecting our companies is every leader's responsibility and having DKB as part of that defense is essential," says Lucas LaChance, CPA and partner at Lane Gorman Trubitt.

An IT partner with experience in protecting business data can be companies' extra layer of protection. DKBinnovative has worked with industry professionals to develop customized plans that offer strategic services and cybersecurity that scale with the company.

DKBinnovative's experience in providing cybersecurity training allowed them to provide attendees with proven techniques and practices to help prevent BEC and ransomware.

Information Technology Manager at Benning U.S.A., Sherman Franklin, says, "This was the best session I have been to in quite some time. The hacking demo was interesting and extremely informative. Summit was a great business-building educational event."

Chaos and hidden risk — particularly today's cybersecurity threats — keep many companies on the edge of failure. DKB's world-class framework puts business leaders back in command with a new level of transparency, superior guidance, and radically different control over technology.

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