DKBinnovative prevents mass authentication failure from Kerberos update

Matthew Weir, CTO

1 Min Read

DKBInnovative has mass-blocked patches from Microsoft after our sandbox testing environment and processes determined these patches can break authentication – meaning, all users utilizing Windows may have been unable to login to their machines.

Microsoft is still investigating the known issue of why their recent authentication patch ended up accidentally breaking authentication. Kerberos is the affected protocol and is the default authentication protocol for domain-connected devices of Windows versions above Windows 2000. Kerberos failure means that potentially no users would be able to log on to their computers.

DKB proactively blocked these updates to prevent downtime and productivity loss. Our team rigorously tests all updates in a test environment before pushing them to our clients. This process protects the information and work time of our company and our clients. Microsoft is expected to release a fixed version of these updates within the coming weeks, and after it is vetted by our team it will be pushed to our clients.  

DKB has blocked the following updates for their clients.

  • Windows Server 2019: Update KB5019966
  • Windows Server 2016: Update KB5019964
  • Windows Server 2012 R2: Update KB5020023 and Update KB5020010
  • Windows Server 2012: Update KB5020009 and Update KB5020003
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1: Update KB5020000 and Update KB5020013
  • Windows Server2008 SP2: OOB-Update KB5021657

If you are a DKB client and have any questions, please reach out to us.

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