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How Co-Managed IT Services is Key for Growing Companies


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A co-managed IT service is a teamwork approach by a Company's internal IT staff and a Managed Service provider (MSP). This service enables businesses to best use the knowledge, resources, and advanced technologies of the MSP.

The co-managed IT services are customized to support and enhance the capabilities of a company’s existing IT staff without outsourcing IT management. This model offers scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness, ensuring IT operations reduce downtime through monitoring and allowing internal teams to concentrate on strategic projects and core business goals.

Are Co-Managed IT Services Needed for Your Business? Top Reasons to Hire One

Scalability and Flexibility: Co-managed IT services provide scalability and flexibility. When a business expands or its IT requirements change, co-managed services can help the team adjust quickly. For example, during growth and seasonal peaks, the Managed Service Provider can offer IT assistance and resources without requiring lengthy commitments, in new infrastructure. This adaptability guarantees that the IT setup can expand effectively alongside the business preventing any obstacles that usually arise with shifts.

Expanded Expertise and Resources: A positive side of co-managed IT services is accessibility to experts in the field, plus resource variety. Even though they may have skills, the internal IT team may have limitations in experience and knowledge. Managed Service Providers however bring with them experience that has been acquired through dealing with different clients in diverse industries. This partnership helps companies adopt leading technologies along with best practices from the industry that they would not be able to access (due to cost or other reasons).

Cost-Effectiveness: Co-managed IT services offer significant cost savings over in-house IT management. When a business shares the responsibility of managing their IT needs with a professional Managed Service Provider, they cut down on the overhead costs associated with hiring and training more IT staff internally. Additionally, most of the professional Managed service providers offer affordable flat-rate pricing models, which aids in budget planning. These co-managed IT services can lead to significant cost reductions in the long run (considering the high expenses of maintaining an in-house team capable of handling all IT functions independently), saving you cash for other critical programs.

Access to Advanced Technologies: Co-managed IT services offer access to state-of-the-art technologies without the capital needed to purchase costly software or IT tools for their internal teams. Managed Service Providers consistently invest in new technologies and training— meaning that those who seek their services can take advantage of the latest technologies available in the market. This level of access to advanced technologies can offer a substantial competitive edge, allowing companies to use the best resources to meet their IT operational needs and perform tasks efficiently.

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