Why is phishing awareness training important?

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Every company gets phished, but not every company takes the bait. Phishing awareness training is crucial for ensuring that employees can recognize and properly handle potential phishing attempts and prevent a successful attack from occurring. Without proper training, an employee may unknowingly provide sensitive information to an attacker.  DKBinnovative provides current and relevant phishing training to safeguard your company.  

Protect against phishing attacks

Phishing is a type of cyber-attack where the attacker attempts to trick the victim into providing sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card numbers, or personal information. This is typically done through the use of fake websites or emails that appear to be from legitimate sources. The attacker’s goal is to steal the victim's credentials, personal or financial information for fraudulent purposes.  

As technology and cybercrime evolve, phishing attacks have become more sophisticated and harder to detect. Phishers are now mimicking emails that may appear to be sent from common programs and services that organizations use, such as SharePoint or QuickBooks, making them more convincing. These emails often come with images and wording that is similar to the vendors, making it more difficult for employees to identify them as malicious. This is a departure from the traditional all-text emails without a signature from a supposed 'CEO' asking for a favor that is easier to spot.  

Your company has probably seen emails like this that are looking for a weak point in your defenses. Hopefully, your organization hasn’t fallen victim to a phishing email.   

How to quickly and easily train your employees

As a managed cybersecurity services provider, we use the latest tools to protect our company and employees. At DKB, we implement tools that prevent the majority of spam and malicious emails from ever hitting employee inboxes. This doesn’t mean that phishing emails still don’t get through. In fact, we send them to our employees regularly with our phishing simulation training program to measure how susceptible we are to phishing attacks and provide teachable movement feedback if a user fails to recognize the phish. 

At DKBinnovative, we have implemented a comprehensive phish training program to protect our company and employees from these threats. A key component of this program is our monthly phishing simulation emails. This is coupled with regular short-video training on cybersecurity best practices. This training educates employees on identifying and handling potential phishing attempts and keeping our company and its sensitive information safe. 

The effectiveness of our training program has been proven through the results we've seen. Phishing simulation training has been proved to significantly reduce susceptibility to malicious emails. In fact, we have seen an 80% reduction in susceptibility to malicious emails among employees who continuously participate in our security and awareness training program. This demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of regular phish simulation training in protecting a company and its employees from cyber-attacks. 

FAQ about Phishing Training

Q: How effective is phishing training?

A: Implementing phish training as part of a comprehensive cybersecurity program has effectively reduced susceptibility to phishing attacks. In fact, 80% of companies that have done so have seen a reduction in susceptibility.

However, it's important to note that these results are not immediate, and typically it takes time to see significant results. With active participation in the program, a company can expect to see a 60% (or more) reduction in phish susceptibility within 12 months. 

Q: How will I know if an employee has completed their monthly training?

A: DKBinnovative offers an easily accessible dashboard that allows you to monitor and track the results of our cybersecurity training, including phish training, in real time. This feature provides transparency and allows you to monitor the progress of your employee's learning and the effectiveness of the training program. 

Q: My cyber insurance or compliance requires that I have cybersecurity training that includes phishing attack simulation. Will DKBinnovative security services meet that requirement?

A: DKBinnovative offers a variety of cybersecurity training, including phishing email simulation, to fit your company’s unique needs. This training approach complements your cyber insurance policy and provides additional protection against cyber threats. To find the best solution for your organization, please get in touch with us today to schedule a free cybersecurity consultation. 

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